Free Internet at Home?

Edward found a job in Vancouver, Washington. The two-hour drive from his house in Tacoma, Washington was getting tedious. So, he bought a townhouse in Camas, Washington -- a second home for the weekdays. With two mortgages now, he was not eager to spend more money on a second Internet connection for the townhouse. Instead, he implemented the "Free Home Internet" system in my e-guide and eliminated the $60 per month bill.

Curtis' son was off to community college. College housing charged extra for Internet. Curtis implemented the Free Home Interent in my e-guide for his son and eliminated the extra Internet fee.

Senior citizen Wayne lived close enough to a public library with free Internet that he could connect his laptop to the library's free WiFi -- sometimes. The signal was not very good. With the "Free Home Internet" system described in my e-guide he improved the WiFi signal for his laptop and other devices.

These -- and more -- are real examples in my e-guide called "Free Home Internet".

The e-guide to "Free Home Internet"

In my e-guide I explain an inexpensive, innovative way to use WiFi as your ISP (Internet Service Provider). In technical terms, you are using WiFi as WAN (Wide Area Network).

Comcast xfinity customers have a built-in advantage for this innovation and may want to take a special interest.

The same innovative method for free Internet at home can also be applied to RVs and boats for several benefits:

If you want to jump right in and expand your thinking for only $13, here's the button to buy the e-guide right now. The guide comes in a downloadable PDF file.

Bargain Advice and Your Questions

When I provide direct, hands-on help to customers, I charge about $100 per hour through my networking help website.

Like many others, you probably have questions. That's why I have an extensive FAQ below.


Always on

Not FreedomPop or other cellular

Legitmate Access

Right Hardware

For non-Geeks

More reliable than USB WiFi adapter contraptions seen on Youtube

Multiple devices

House or Apartment

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Why You Will Benefit from my guide on "Free Home Internet"

WiFi as WAN

Expand Your Thinking

You Probably Have Never Thought Of This

Free Internet Backup

Backup Internet

Your Internet can go down. Have something ready to go. Phone data can be costly!

WiFi for RVs and boats

Useful in RVs and boats

Apply same concept, devices to RVs and boats

Free Internet for a Second Home

Second-home Internet for nothing

Why not?

Real Examples of Free Internet

Read Real Examples

No theory! Actual examples!


Q: Is this legal?

A: I do not encourage -- nor do I show you how to gain -- unauthorized access. If you are authorized to use the WiFi, then it is legal. I do provide suggestions and examples of authorized access.

Q: What's in the "Free Home Internet" e-guide?

  • Real, actual examples of how my method has saved people money
  • Simple, understandable explanation of the underlying networking concept
  • Ideas on where to find WiFi for free Internet access
  • Benefits of the method I describe
  • Two specific, key hardware recommendations (all under $60)
  • Getting the best WiFi signal as your source
  • Screen shots showing basic configurations to get you up and running

Q: Who can benefit from the "Free Home Internet" concept?

Lots of different types of people can benefit, including:

  • Students who need free or nearly-free Internet
  • Seniors citizens who need a lower, or no-cost Internet
  • Owners of second homes
  • RV owners
  • Boat owners
  • Comcast customers, who have a built-in advantage

Q: Isn't this just connecting to a WiFi hotspot?

My method does use WiFi, but in significantly different ways that provide additional benfits, including a stronger and more reliable connection for all your devices.

Q: Once setup, what devices will work?

Any of the devices can, and have, worked:

  • Tablet
  • iphone
  • Android phone
  • Laptop
  • Roku
  • Smart TV
  • Desktop computer

Q: Once setup, what Internet services can be used?

  • Web browsing
  • Email prorams
  • Maps
  • Streaming audio
  • Streaming video
  • File downlods
  • File uploads

Q: Will this work outside the US?

A: Yes. The basic principles are the same everywhere.

Q: Do I have to be a geek to understand this?

A: No way! Descriptions are simple. Terms are clearly defined.

Q: Do you include screen shots?

A: Of course! Screen shots of the hardware configuration pages are included to help you do the right thing.

Q: Is this some kind of cellular deal?

A: Nope. No cellular involved.

Q: Will the hardware I need cost a lot?

A: No. Hardware prices range from $40-80. This hardware cost would be a one-time investment and is about the same cost as a cable modem.

Q: What format is the guide in?

A: "Free Home Internet" is in a PDF.

Q: Why $13 for a PDF?

A: Think value. If you came to me for consulting advice, I would be billing you $100 per hour. You are getting the same advice for $13 that will accelerate your thinking. The people I've helped set up this arrangement have paid much more than $13.

Q: Do you recommend specific hardware?

A: You bet! All hardware has been personally used.

Q: Do you include pictures of actual installations?

A: Yes. Pictures of actual hardware installation are included.

Q: How long will it take me to read the guide?

A: You can read this guide in 15-35 minutes. What you gain in this short time can save you hundreds of dollars.

Q: How long will it take to setup?

A: Once you have the hardware, about 30 minutes. Once you understand how it works, re-connecting is easy.

Q: Can this setup be used in RVs and boats?

A: Yes. The equipment is small and can be easily implemented in an RV or a boat. In fact, it is often a better solution for an RV or a boat than simply using a USB WiFi adapter. With one more piece of equipment, you can create better WiFi in your RV or boat! There is a special section in the guide for RV setup (which also applies to a boat).

Q: Are your real-life examples real?

A: Yes they are. As an IT consultant in Seattle I've helped others implement what is described in my guide. Examples include how a home cable Internet account was used for temporary Internet in an office; how a cooperative neighbor provided free backup Internet; how an existing cable subscriber implemented free Internet in his second home.

Q: Who wrote this?

A: I did -- Bruce Miller. I'm a Seattle IT consultant and technology writer. Check out my home network. I spent 14 years as an IT Manager for a national trade association based in Times Square, New York. I've been writing about technology since the mid 1980's. I was using wireless Internet BEFORE there was WiFi. Click this link to read about this early wireless Internet.

To Your Innovative Thinking,

WiFi and Technology Writer about Free Home Internet

Bruce Miller,
Technology Writer and IT Consultant

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